13 Things Nutritionists Actually Want You To Know

Their lives aren’t all about smoothie bowls and superfoods.



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Who are these magical people who are trained to navigate the world of food and nutrition without freaking out and help others do the same? And do they, like, never eat carbs? To answer these questions and others, BuzzFeed Health reached out to four registered dietitians.


And by the way, even though we use the word “nutritionist” throughout this post to describe experts who provide guidance and expertise on diet, for this post we talked to registered dietitians, professionals who earned a degree from an accredited program and have registered with a board that licenses dietitians.


We talked to Abby Langer, RD, owner of Abby Langer Nutrition; Jessica Jones, RD, community health clinic outpatient dietitian and co-creator of Food Heaven Made Easy; Shelly Redmond, RD, founder of Skinny Louisiana; and Ben Sit, RD, president of Evolved Sport and Nutrition. Here’s what they had to say:


They aren’t interested in judging your diet or lifestyle.


They aren't interested in judging your diet or lifestyle.


Even though it might be intimidating to tell a nutritionist all about the way you eat, especially when you’re seeking them out for help with your diet, nutritionists aren’t there to guilt or shame you into changing your diet.


“I hate being the food police,” says Sit. Plus, shaming a patient doesn’t help, says Jones – it’s disempowering.


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There’s no one diet they think is superior.


There's no one diet they think is superior.


Yes, across the board they’ll probably advise you to drink less soda and eat fewer processed foods. But they’re not likely to advocate going Paleo or going vegan or avoiding all grains. “Everything has to be very individualized. … My approach is to find what’s best for you and your body, and what will make you feel good and not stressed or anxious about eating,” says Jones.


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