Vancouver Limo Company Re-opens Service to Whistler Winter 2015

Vancouver Limo Company Re-opens Service to Whistler Winter 2015

Every year, millions of people come from all over the world to Whistler Blackcomb. Many of them are skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels that come during the Winter months. This year, the slopes and ski lifts open up early on November 19 and will stay open through the Winter past April of 2016. Blackcomb will open a week later on November 26, 2015.

When traveling from out of the country to Whistler, most travelers will choose to fly into Vancouver first and find ground transportation with all their gear to Whistler. Some will get escorted directly from YVR Vancouver International Airport while others will stay the night at a hotel before heading off to Whistler. The trip from the airport typically takes less than 2.5 hours by car, so most will choose to go straight to their lodgings in Whistler to save extra unnecessary traveling.

To get from the airport to Whistler, there are many options available to travelers. The best option really depends on the number of people traveling and how much they value cost over convenience in most cases. When traveling in groups of 3 or less, it will make sense to go by bus or taxi, although taxis may not be able to accommodate skis or snowboards. The disadvantage to taking a bus is that you’ll need to work around the bus’ fixed departure times, which may mean waiting around at the airport for a couple hours. This can be tiring, costs time and potentially having to sit down for a meal or two on your own dime. You may even need to find transportation to get to the bus station, costing more time and money. The advantage to taking a bus is that the cost per person is fixed at a reasonable price and there is storage space dedicated to storing sports equipment.

Another option that many may not always consider is using a Vancouver limousine service.  There are many benefits to taking a limo from the airport to Whistler compared to other methods such as taking a taxi or a bus.  Both a taxi and a limousine have the advantage that they come to you at your location at the time that you specify.  This means minimal time waiting around and no wasting money having to find food at the airport instead of spending more time on the slopes.  Where a limo company excels over a taxi service is in the convenience of excellent service and the comfort of the ride.  The ride to Whistler is around 2.5 hours long.  That’s a long time to be sitting in a vehicle and it can feel even longer if it’s inside of a dirty smelly cab.

Looking at the price, taking a limo is not only more comfortable and convenient, but it can also be much more affordable.  This really depends on the size of your group.  A limo service will typically use a large SUV, a stretch limo or a stretch SUV limo.  The rate of renting each vehicle is based on the hourly rate of that vehicle, plus the number of hours you need it for.  Compare this with the way you pay for a bus ride which is per person.  The point is, the more you fill up the limo vehicle to capacity, the lower the rate it is per person.  With a stretch SUV limo which may have a capacity of 8 people at $175 per hour, that’s a little over 50 dollars per person.  That price per person is below what you would pay for a bus ride or taxi ride to Whistler hands down—not to mention you get to sit in a comfortable stylish vehicle with refreshments, and a chauffeur to handle all the gear for you.

Some limo services that go from Vancouver to Whistler may even offer a discount when booking a round trip.  Discounts may be as high as $100 off the regular price.  KJ Limousine Services is one such limo company in Vancouver that offers this deal for this Winter season.  More information can be found below:

KJ Limousine Services


7871 Westminster Highway


Richmond, BC V6X8H3 Canada


(604) 377-1618


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