San Francisco’s Hottest Club Is The Salesforce Dreamboat (Kinda)

Dreamforce, one of San Francisco’s biggest tech conferences, came to town this week by way of the high seas and taught the city what it means to celebrate tech in 2015.


Security on The Dreamboat — better known as a massive Celebrity Cruises oceanliner hired by San Francisco enterprise tech company Salesforce and docked in San Francisco’s Pier 27 as part of Dreamforce, the company’s annual conference — is, in a word, tight. To enter the boat, you first go to a desk and pick up your conference badge. Next, you go to an adjacent desk and check in for the appropriate party. Once you get a wristband, you can proceed to a bank of computers, where you type in your name, company affiliation, country of origin, and a state-issued ID number. It’s only after that when you can head to the second floor of the cement cruise terminal, which is where actual security begins. (If you get confused along the way, Salesforce workers wearing ocean-blue T-shirts that say “Sea me for help” are plentifully scattered along your path.)



At the top of the escalators, security officials check for wristbands before waving you on to the metal detectors. Pass through these, and you’re on to the gangway. Here, the mood lightens — there’s a bar, and more fun nautical-themed decorations, including a giant photo backdrop that reads “Work like a captain, party like a pirate.”


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